CC101 Building Conscious Business from the Inside Out

  • November 05, 2021
  • 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual Zoom Workshop



You see it. You feel it. The rapidly shifting changes happening in business today, especially with COVID.

But you don’t just care about the shift, you’re actively eager to spread the word about a new way of doing business.

  • A new way of doing business where 53% of workers say that “a job where I can make an impact” is important to their happiness.
  • A new way of doing business where “inspired” employees generate 225% of the productivity of employees who are merely “satisfied.”
  • A new way of doing business where those companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.
  • A new way of doing business where care and compassion for all stakeholders is a primary Return on Value.

Learn what works. Collaborate with colleagues. Hone your skills. 

Whether you're leading a multinational organization or working as a team leader in a local business, your impact is only as great as your internal and organizational capacity to create it.

Conscious Capitalism 101: Building Conscious Business from the Inside Out is an interactive, pragmatic workshop designed to explore the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism (Conscious Leadership, Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture) and to focus on real-life application, sharing learning experiences in a growing community of conscious leaders.

In the workshop, participants will:

  • Tap into a larger purpose for doing good through business.
  • Cultivate the fundamentals of becoming a conscious leader.
  • Use tools and practices to support internal change in the workplace culture.
  • Engage with all stakeholders in search of elevating workplaces as sources of positive change in the world.
  • Offered in-person and online, participants practice new ways of thinking against the backdrop of larger business concerns and are challenged to commit to a higher game as a conscious, values-aligned leader.

Chris Johnson
Chris has devoted her life to the deep listening that underpins ‘what matters most’ in people’s lives.  She’s passionately committed to cultivating exemplary leaders, collaborative teams, and engaged, thriving communities. As an experienced psychologist, teacher and leadership coach she’s known for creating trust with those who value her honesty, deep listening and commitment to their success.

Addie Peper
Addie has a passion for connecting with and bringing positivity to those around her. Side by side, she and her Millennial and Gen Z counterparts are reshaping the workforce as they aspire to have a whole life of purpose - which includes a meaningful career. As a college valedictorian, Addie strives for that level of excellence in her professional career to elevate humanity through business. As Cultivator of Connection at Envision IT, she is consciously contributing to their purpose to enrich the lives of their stakeholders and proving that business can be a force for good.

Michelle Spehr

Michelle loves to connect people, connect ideas, and connecting people with ideas.  As a consultant and facilitator, Michelle helps business leaders identify and apply creative solutions that address wellbeing at the employee and organizational levels.  She integrates conscious capitalism and human-centered design principles to reframe worksite engagement, employee experience and wellbeing challenges and to spark new ways of addressing these complex issues. She is known for her ability to inspire collaboration for positive change.

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