Marc Blackman

CEO, Gold Eagle Brands

Marc Blackman is CEO of Gold Eagle Co., an 86-year-old privately held Chicago-based family business that is driven to protect and preserve the things we love. Gold Eagle is an innovative provider of premium solutions that protect, preserve, and enhance the performance of consumer and durable goods which also help sustain the environment. Marc has created a ‘People First’ culture at the company that is focused on quality, ethics and integrity.

As an Advisory Board Member, Marc lives out the values of Conscious Capitalism every day and is passionate about fostering the heroic spirit of business.  Under Marc’s leadership, Gold Eagle has contributed to the Conscious Capitalism movement by serving as a Sustaining Sponsor of the Chicago Chapter.

Nancy Pautsch

President, Envision IT

Nancy’s driving force is to live her best life and encourage others to do the same. For several years that focus conflicted with her successful career in the sharp-elbowed and competitive technology industry. Then she read the book Firms of Endearment which opened a whole new world to her – a world where a thriving and for-profit business can be a force for good. 

In 2013, she joined Envision IT to lead a strategic transformation for Envision IT to become a ‘Firm of Endearment.’ Envision IT’s business is technology optimization focused on ensuring that technology is an enabler to employee engagement and business success (versus bring an obstacle). Envision IT is the go-to technology partner for organizations across the U.S.

Although recognized for her impact on healthy business growth, Nancy is most proud of operating a company where Envisioners live their core values, and are affectionately known as ‘consultants with a conscience’ and ‘purposeful geeks.’

Dan Zeman

CEO, Zeman Manufacturing

Daniel Zeman is the 4th generation business owner of Zeman Manufacturing Company, a metal tube fabricator outside of Chicago.  When he came to work at ZMC in 2006, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.  Against this backdrop, Dan discovered his talent and passion for turning around companies.  After very profitable years in 2007 and 2008, Dan stewarded in the company through the Great Recession.  Despite a 35% reduction in revenue, ZMC broke even in 2009 without laying off anyone.  ZMC emerged stronger than ever and achieved its most profitable year in its 82 year history in 2011. 

These years taught Dan the value of transparency, candor and trusting in ZMC’s people.  Today, Dan’s focuses include applying the concepts of self-management to ZMC, seeking acquisition targets in need of a turnaround, and using the metal working trades to build a culture of self-actualization and entrepreneurship. 

Daphne Dolan

CEO, City Staffing

A native of Ireland, Daphne Dolan brings a unique blend of education, marketing and human resources to her leadership role at City Staffing. Before becoming the CEO of City Staffing, Daphne began her career in education as a teacher. She spent several years developing the minds and athletic abilities of students as a coach and an English/History teacher. 

She later joined AC Nielsen in Ireland before transferring to the worldwide corporate headquarters of AC Nielsen in Chicago. In 2000, she joined City Staffing as the CEO, trading her marketing savvy to enter the world of human resources.  City Staffing is one of the chapter’s Corporate Sustaining Members.

In addition to her role on the Advisory board, Daphne is an active member of the Union League Club, has held a Board position with Pro Nurse, and has been involved for many years with the following industry organizations: HRMAC, American Staffing Association, Professional Women’s Association and the Illinois Staffing Association.

Roy Spencer

CEO, Perma-Seal Basement Systems - Advisory Board Chair

In 1979, Roy started Perma-Seal Basement Systems with two intentions: to provide consumers with a truly permanent solution to their foundation problems and – simply – to do what he said he would do for them. Started with one truck and one employee, today Perma-Seal Basement Systems has over 80 trucks, 170 employees and has grown to be Chicagoland’s industry leader in basement waterproofing and foundation repairs.

Roy believes the success of his company is due to the successful engagement of his employees (‘the tribe’), the dedication to their mission statement (‘making the world a better place’) and their adherence to the company’s core values. He is excited to be part of the Conscious Capitalism movement and looks forward to sharing with other companies the mantra of “purpose & profit”.

Roy enjoys mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and is also passionate about his involvement with the Atlas Network which promotes freedom and free markets globally.