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The Curious Conscious Capitalist

by Nina O'Neil | Nov 15, 2017 | Podcast | 2 comments

The Curious Conscious Capitalist

“Conscious Capitalism” almost seems to be an oxymoron. Are those two words strange bedfellows or the natural evolution of 21st century business practices? Daily, stories of corrupt businesses, bad leaders and toxic cultures find their way into the news headlines. But what if traditional capitalism is an antiquated model of business as usual?

By the year 2030, Conscious Capitalism Chicago wants to help make Chicago a city of beauty, prosperity and happiness. That feels like a tall order, but what might be possible for Chicago – and even globally – if companies existed to elevate humanity through purpose, servant leadership and being a force for good?

That question became our springboard for our new podcast series, “The Curious Conscious Capitalist”.  We wanted to explore a narrative and expand a conversation about the good that business can do.  We wanted to feature business leaders and companies who have produced profitable businesses by leading with purpose and who are creating cultures where people don’t dread coming to work – but instead actually thrive.

We are thrilled to launch “The Curious Conscious Capitalist” and embark on this journey to share some inspiring stories of leaders making a difference through conscious business practices.

We’d like to thank Tom Yorton, a former CEO himself, for joining us on this journey and being our podcast host, Ian Bartoszek, our sound engineer and editor, LuCinda Vacura, for helping us frame some of these stories, Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology for helping us launch, and – perhaps most importantly – our guests for opening up their office doors as well as their hearts to share their stories and for being leaders who are creating jobs, profitable companies and cultures where people are happy to come to work .

The Curious Conscious Capitalist – Episode 1 – A Culture Built on Trust

Our first podcast features Jean Pitzo, CEO of Ace Metal Crafts in Bensenville.
We’re curious: how does a company that fabricates stainless steel components for food and pharmaceutical processing equipment win an award for Illinois’ most psychologically healthy workplace? Jean credits trust as a key component to building a company recognized for best practices in workplace culture. She is an exemplar of servant leadership and a pioneer in the Conscious Capitalism movement.

Please let us know how you like the podcast after you tune in. We’d love to have you join the conversation and leave us a comment or share your thoughts. If you like what you hear, please subscribe, so that you don’t miss our upcoming episodes. And stay curious!

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