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Heard from Simon Mainwaring, We First Branding… - by Rebekah Childers

April 22, 2015 9:15 AM | Deleted user

Heard from Simon Mainwaring, We First Branding…

  • When forming an idea, think about the world, the industry, the region, the community, the market, the company, the employee. And then, consider, “if this is the world we live in, what role does our brand play?”
  • Define a story worth telling to be a brand worth sharing. How well you tell your story determines how well consumers share your story.
  • A company’s brands need alignment; they should ladder up to one shared purpose.
  • When you are presenting an idea, present it as a solution. Tell the story around what you’re helping to solve, and then back into their need. Offer co-authorship and co-creation.
  • A brand must be the chief celebrant, not the celebrity, of its consumer community.
  • Build a mission with a company, not a company with a mission.

Want to read more from Simon? Get his book – We First – or visit his Web page. Or attend his upcoming conference the Brand Leadership Summit in October.

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